WV Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is committed to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment. 

"We love clean water, fresh air and wild forests. And we're willing to work hard to protect the natural resources we cherish. Come join us as we enjoy, explore and protect the environment of West Virginia." - WV Sierra Club

Long before she became a small business owner, Stephanie was already a scientist and a conservationist.

She has a B.S. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and an M.S. in Forestry, with an emphasis on watershed ecology.

Stephanie's life long devotion to conservation and environmental health and her science background prepare her not only to wish for a healthy environment, but to have the skills to preserve our environment and protect human health effectively and efficiently.

Stephanie will bring her science skills to Charleston to help her analyze data and craft sound public policies to protect public health and conserve our wild and wonderful rivers and mountains.  

West Virginians agree that we must protect clean water, clean air and a healthy environment. In a recent state-wide poll, two thirds of West Virginians recently affirmed that they support our state doing "whatever it takes" to protect our environment. 

Thank you, West Virginia Sierra Club for your endorsement!

I won't let you down!