WV Nurses

WV Nurses's mission statement says it all:

"To empower the diverse voice of nurses in all settings toward unified focus of nursing knowledge, skill, and ability to promote the health & well-being of all West Virginians, through education, legislation, and health policy."


Stephanie supports our state's nearly 30,000 nurses and the health care issues vital to all West Virginians.

WV Nurses endorsed Stephanie over her opponent, which says a lot about what they think of his 12 year voting record.

"I'm humbled to be trusted by the nation's most trusted profession, nurses. I look forward to working with our state's nurses. I will trust them to know their own profession best and to help the legislature make good health care policies that are in the best interest of all our state's people, including our health care professionals. 

Thank you, WV Nurses!

I won't let you down!"

     - Stephanie Zucker