The United Mine Workers of America is a strong advocate for safe workplaces, good wages and benefits, and strong representation for working families throughout North America.

West Virginia's coal miners have worked brutally hard and dangerous jobs for generations to power our nation and support their families. 

Miners have long organized for fair labor practices and their courageous battles for the rights of working people have changed the course of history and helped improve working conditions for millions of people.


After decades of struggle against corporate attacks against organized labor, working people are again rising up against corporate greed and fighting for economic justice, and the UMWA is, once again, on the front lines, fighting for justice for their own members and for all working people.

Industry needs West Virginia's coal. Coal miners need and deserve strong worker safety protections and fair wages, working conditions and benefits. Our mountains and rivers need our protection and conservation for future generations. All our people need and deserve a clean and healthy environment. These things are all true, and they are all achievable when we rely on science and basic human decency to guide our policies.

Thank you, UMWA, for putting your trust in me!

I won't let you down!