Stephanie strongly support education and our educators, and she has been endorsed by all three of WV's educator groups -- the West Virginia Educators Association, the American Federation of Teachers - West Virginia, and West Virginia School Service Personnel.


All our children deserve a top quality education, and all our educators and other public employees deserve fair pay, respectful working conditions and reliable, top quality benefits.

Stephanie's opponent, Dave Sypolt, doesn't just not support educators and education, he has persistently fought AGAINST educators and good education policies throughout his long career in politics -- earning him an F on his own report card.

A real fix for PEIA that does not put costs on everyday families and meaningful wage increases for educators and all public employee are top priorities for Stephanie and will be at the top of her legislative agenda when she takes her seat in the WV Senate. 

Instead of fighting AGAINST our educators as her opponent does, Stephanie will fight FOR our educators, our kids and all the families of our state.

Let's keep the record straight on Dave Sypolt:

  • Sypolt has fought against our teachers every step of the way, for his entire, long career in politics, and he only finally caved to the teachers' pressure at the very last vote.
  • No educator union endorses Sypolt. Stephanie Zucker is endorsed by all three educator unions -- AFT-WV, WVEA and WVSSP -- in her race for WV Senate.
  • Educators and all our public employees are STILL WAITING for a real fix for PEIA and for funding solutions that don't fall on the backs of working families.
  • That 5% raise the teachers won is a small down payment, but our public employees are still desperately underpaid and deserve much, much better. Sypolt won't commit to any funding solutions or any progress on wages & benefits for our employees.
  • Sypolt has fought against good education policy at every opportunity.
  • Sypolt is current pressing for MORE CUTS on the natural gas industry severance taxes. Raising these severance taxes is a key mechanism to adequately fund PEIA, and has been suggested by every task force and educator union to help solve funding shortfalls for PEIA. Cutting these corporate taxes, yet again, while leaving the tax burden on WV families and small businesses to fund our state's needs is both fiscally irresponsible and utterly disrespectful to our state's people.

Sypolt has the nerve to use our educators rallying cry for justice "Remember in November" on his billboards in a cynical attempt to confuse voters who respect our educators and support their demands for justice. 

Don't be fooled!

One thing Stephanie agrees with Dave about . . . We must #RememberInNovember and vote for candidates that support education and educators!