Stephanie Zucker supports full access to medical marijuana as well as full legalization of adult use cannabis. Today, marijuana is likely already our state's largest cash crop (and likely has been for many years).
Let's accept reality: legalize it, regulate it, and tax it.

Legalizing cannabis could bring millions in revenue per year West Virginia's budget.…/article_c37a9c98-98a2-524c-…

Cannabis legalization would also help reduce opioid overdose deaths. Recent studies have shown that access to marijuana dramatically reduces opioid prescriptions, overdoses and deaths. Data shows that access to medical marijuana cuts opioid deaths by about 15-20% and access to adult use recreational marijuana cuts opioid deaths by another 15-20%. 

Check out this recent article published by the Washington Post:…/legal-marijuana-is-saving-lives-…/…

Cannabis legalization would be a boon to our tourism industry. 

Further, cannabis can bring good paying, sustainable JOBS to economically distressed areas.

We can do in the mountain east what Colorado has done in the mountain west: use legalization of recreational marijuana to spur tourism, grow a healthy new industry with good jobs, reduce opioid dependency, allow our criminal justice system to focus on serious crimes, and dramatically increase tax revenues to the state for vital needs while avoiding increasing (or even reducing!) other tax burdens on our citizens.

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