Let's Put Seniors' Survival Over Corporate Tax Breaks

While many seniors struggle to survive, our state has repeatedly cut taxes on billion dollar out of state corporations. Meanwhile, WV legislators insist on continuing to tax senior citizens’ earned Social Security benefits. West Virginia is one of only thirteen states that taxes Social Security. Ten of those states have partial tax exemptions for Social Security, which means that WV is among only three states (WV, MN & ND) that have no state-level exemptions for Social Security. If WV joins the other 47 states who have moved to help their seniors, the 320,000 senior West Virginians who rely on Social Security are estimated to save tens of millions of dollars each year. Continue reading

Zucker for WV Merchandise

Want to show your support for People, not Politics and Stephanie's campaign to claim our state for our people? We have campaign t-shirts, yard signs and campaign buttons, and very soon we will soon also have car magnets and decals for your gear! You can pick up campaign merchandise at any of our events, or you can follow this link to request items for delivery! Thank you for your support!

WV Senate 14 Donors

We're out-raising my opponent because YOU, the PEOPLE of our state have had ENOUGH! Alone, we are each but a tree. Together, we are a FOREST!! Dark money -- unreported, untracked, uncounted will flow fast and furious into WV to support my opponent & his corrupt allies. We don't need millions to win this race, but we WILL need money to spread the truth and combat the lies. Continue reading

Making West Virginia Work for Working People

The welfare of working people has taken a lot of hits in recent decades, leaving too many West Virginians struggling to survive, let alone thrive. Labor protections and organized labor are critical components of a just, fair, level-playing-field economy that works for the people. Income inequality and economic injustice are the predictable results of the tidal wave of attacks on organized labor and the roll back of worker protections in recent decades. The billion dollar corporations and their billionaire owners who pressed their corrupt or inept hired hands (legislators) into passing their anti-worker agenda now have just what they wanted: cheap labor with government subsidizing their basic needs, along with sky-rocketing profits for the corporate owners and top executives. I'm honored and humbled to have received endorsements from the hard working people of the United Mine Workers of America, the West Virginia AFL-CIO, and the dedicated educators of the West Virginia Education Association, and I look forward to working with them and other labor groups to improve the lives of working people in West Virginia. Organized labor not only advocates for the welfare of their own members, but also creates a rising tide that does lift all ships, because when they help improve working conditions and raise wages for working people, those improvements spread throughout the economy, not just to their own members. This critical component of a just economy worked pretty well for generations in America before the tragic decline of organized labor in recent decades as labor was undermined and largely disempowered by corporate greed and political games.  Continue reading

AFL-CIO & UMWA Endorsements

I'm both honored and humbled to announce I've been endorsed by both the AFL-CIO and the United Mine Workers of America in my campaign to represent the people of WV's 14th district in the WV Senate. Thank you, AFL-CIO and UMWA for putting your faith in me, and thank you also for the great work you do helping our people achieve better working conditions and better lives. Organized labor is a vital part of making sure West Virginia works for West Virginians, and I'm proud to support them and thankful for their efforts here in WV and throughout our nation. My opponent, Dave Sypolt, has consistently supported anti-labor legislation during his twelve years in office. Sypolt supported WV's repeal of the prevailing wage in 2015, sponsored the union-busting "right to work" bill in 2016, and voted against teachers, unions, and public employees over and over again this year, too. Twelve years of anti-worker, anti-people representation is enough. When I am your senator, I won't sell you out for profit or play political games with your lives. I'll work for you, the PEOPLE of West Virginia.

Property Rights, Corruption, and Lissa Lucas

My first FaceBook Live video. Tell me what you think about property rights, the influence of big money special interests in our state government, and the way Lissa Lucas's valiant effort to shine light on corruption in our legislature was shut down on Friday. Let's keep shining the light on our state government until it represents our PEOPLE! Post by zuckerforwv.

Cannabis: Legalize it, regulate it, tax it

I support full access to medical marijuana as well as full legalization of marijuana. Today, marijuana is likely already our state's largest cash crop (and likely has been for many years). Let's accept reality, legalize it, regulate it, and tax it. Legalizing cannabis could bring millions in revenue per year West Virginia's budget. https://www.wvgazettemail.com/…/article_c37a9c98-98a2-524c-… It would also help reduce opioid overdose deaths. Check out this recent article published by the Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com/…/legal-marijuana-is-saving-lives-…/… Think of the boost to our tourism industry! Further, cannabis can bring lucrative, sustainable JOBS to extraction-distressed areas. We can do in the mountain east what Colorado has done in the mountain west: use legalization of recreational marijuana to spur tourism, grow a healthy new industry with good jobs, reduce opioid dependency, allow our criminal justice system to focus on serious crimes, and dramatically increase tax revenues to the state for vital needs while avoiding increasing (or even reducing!) other tax burdens on our citizens. Right here, you can donate to a group of West Virginian candidates who've committed to working for full legalization of cannabis: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/wvlegalize If you'd like to donate directly to my Senate 14 campaign instead of donating to the group of WV candidates, you can donate to my campaign right here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/zuckerforwv

I stand with WV public employees

I stand with WV teachers and other public employees, and I was proud to talk with them and stand with them on the street Saturday.  People are the heart of our state, and we must treat our state's employees with the respect they deserve. When I talk about People, not Politics, these are some of the people I'm talking about. The men and women who are on the front lines teaching our children, keeping us safe, doing all the critical work of government. Our government answers to us, and as West Virginians, we need to make sure we're treating our state employees fairly. We hear legislators talk about bringing "good jobs" to West Virginia all the while our state itself isn't being a good employer. We need to fix this. A good place to start is fixing PEIA and giving our teachers, first responders, and other critical public employees real raises. (And, no, 1% a year is not a real raise!) Last week's attempt by senate democrats to change the proposed meaningless 1% raise to a modest 3% raise was shamefully voted down by the majority republicans. My opponent Dave Sypolt voted along with his colleagues against the 3% raise, which clearly disappointed some of his constituents as well as the teachers and other state employees who are desperate for relief from their endlessly rising health care costs and shrinking paychecks. The vast majority of West Virginians agree that our extremely low compensation for our teachers and many other critical state employees isn't right. Why then does our legislature choose to direct tax money to more corporate tax cuts instead of making a meaningful effort to pay our critical state employees fairly and fix the disastrous state employee health insurance system? The only reason I can see is that they are playing political games with our employees paychecks and health care. All of us on all sides of the aisle must be willing to put the needs of our people above politics and profit.   Continue reading