AFL-CIO & UMWA Endorsements


I'm both honored and humbled to announce I've been endorsed by both the AFL-CIO and the United Mine Workers of America in my campaign to represent the people of WV's 14th district in the WV Senate. Thank you, AFL-CIO and UMWA for putting your faith in me, and thank you also for the great work you do helping our people achieve better working conditions and better lives. Organized labor is a vital part of making sure West Virginia works for West Virginians, and I'm proud to support them and thankful for their efforts here in WV and throughout our nation.

My opponent, Dave Sypolt, has consistently supported anti-labor legislation during his twelve years in office. Sypolt supported WV's repeal of the prevailing wage in 2015, sponsored the union-busting "right to work" bill in 2016, and voted against teachers, unions, and public employees over and over again this year, too. Twelve years of anti-worker, anti-people representation is enough.

When I am your senator, I won't sell you out for profit or play political games with your lives. I'll work for you, the PEOPLE of West Virginia.