Stephanie Zucker for WV Senate

Stephanie Zucker for WV Senate

I'm running for WV Senate (District 14) to help make our state government work for our people. I don't answer to big money or corporate interests. I answer to you, the people of West Virginia. 

West Virginians have been neglected and exploited by corporations and politicians on both sides of the aisle for much too long. It's time for West Virginians to reclaim our state and take charge of our future by running our state for our people, not for big corporations that take their profits out of state and leave us with their messes to clean up. 

West Virginia can thrive if we focus on caring for our people, protecting our land, and building our future. Here are some of the things I think we need to do. 

Caring for our People

Treat the opioid crisis as the emergency it is by fully funding prevention, treatment, and family support.

Ensure a healthy environment & clean water.

Honor equal rights and equal protection for all. 

Provide raises for teachers, first responders, DHHR staff & other critical public employees.

Protecting our Land

Protect property rights for family farms and homeplaces. Stop forced pooling.

Preserve our state parks and other public lands.

Protect our natural resources. 

Building our Future

Invest in infrastructure including repairing our roads and expanding access to broadband internet.

Make college affordable.

Grow our economy with strong businesses and good jobs with a well educated workforce, healthy environment, good schools, strong infrastructure, and a thriving population.

New challenges will come up, and we will have to make difficult choices, but if we keep our focus on the wellbeing of our people, we can help our people and our state thrive. 

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    Alone, we are each but a tree. Together, we are a FOREST!!


    Dark money -- unreported, untracked, uncounted will flow fast and furious into WV to support my opponent & his corrupt allies. We don't need millions to win this race, but we WILL need money to spread the truth and combat the lies.

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