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Zucker for West Virginia

Tuesday, November 6 is Election Day!! 

Polls are open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM across the state of West Virginia. 

Please GO VOTE early! Don't take the chance that anything will come up and prevent YOUR VOICE and YOUR VOTE from being counted tomorrow!

Look up your own polling place here on the Secretary of State's website: 

Find My Polling Place

Grab your ID (Nearly anything ID work -- a driver's license, a passport, your voter registration card, WHATEVER. If you don't have ID, you can just grab a friend who has known you for at least 6 months and they can use THEIR ID to vouch for YOU!)

Show up! Vote!!

Thank you for your support in this epic, crazy, long campaign. I've said it before, and I'll say it one more time right now: 

My campaign for State Senate is OUR campaign for OUR state!

Let's do this, West Virginia!

Stephanie Zucker for WV Senate, District 14

Stephanie is a scientist, a small business owner and a mother who is running to represent the PEOPLE in the WV Senate. Stephanie rejects corporate money, and she is determined to get the corruption out of Charleston and make West Virginia work for our people.

Level the Playing Field

Corporate lobbyists write our laws while writing big checks to their puppets in Charleston. They attack labor protections, driving more working families into poverty. Energy companies export billions of dollars of our wealth, leaving the tax burden on ordinary West Virginians to fund critical needs like roads, schools, public employees and health care. It's time stop subsidizing out-of-state corporations, so that we can take care of our needs today and invest in our future. 

Invest in Our People & Our Land

Our future relies on investing in working families and small businesses instead of subsidizing billion dollar corporations. We can diversify our economy & build our future by investing in education and apprenticeships, healing the addiction epidemic, rebuilding our roads, expanding broadband, outdoor recreation and protecting access to clean water, land and air. Our wild & wonderful mountains and rivers set the stage for a thriving economy that will bring new life to our rural communities. 

Protect Our Freedom

The gas industry wants to drill on your land without your consent. Big Pharma is blocking cannabis reform, limiting your treatment options and small business opportunities. Billion dollar businesses want to stop working people from organizing for economic justice. They want to keep taxing your Social Security, so they can keep their huge corporate tax breaks. They keep the doors shut on opportunity, driving our kids to leave the state. Stephanie will serve and protect our people, not corporate profiteers. 

About District 14

District 14 includes all of Barbour, Hardy, Preston, Taylor and Tucker Counties as well as the western half of Grant County, the edge of Mineral County around Keyser and the southern tip of Monongalia County.